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Volunteer at Lift Basel15 !

Marie Mayoly, Aug. 31, 2015
Are you an inquisitive team player with a passion for innovation? Are you enthusiastic about being an insider and making Lift Basel a unique experience? Are you english-speaking, outgoing, hard-… Read more

Lift China 2015 - Shanghai & Shenzhen

Johann Recordon, Jun. 26, 2015
With 260 participants, 18 speakers and 7 startups coming from fields as diverse as entrepreneurship, social and interactive design, academia, technological innovation and business, Lift China 2015… Read more

Data Canvas: Sense Your City Exhibition in Geneva

Johann Recordon, Apr. 20, 2015
Opening of international exhibitions in Geneva Since March 27, 2015, the 14 winning projects of the online data visualization competition Data Canvas: Sense Your City have been online for all to see… Read more

Lift China Open Call for Workshops and Masterclasses

Johann Recordon, Mar. 31, 2015
Ever dreamt of leading a workshop or masterclass at a Lift conference? Want to discover and engage with the Chinese innovation ecosystems as part of the Lift community? At Lift, we always keep a part… Read more

The winning projects of Data Canvas: Sense Your City have been chosen!

Johann Recordon, Mar. 27, 2015
After 10 weeks of competition, we have received 34 amazing submissions from 62 creators around the world. Our international jury rated each one of them based on various criteria such as Creativity in… Read more

2015 Lift China 工作坊及大师班等你来加入

Johann Recordon, Feb. 15, 2015
如果你有一个好主意,为什么不把它和更多的人分享?Lift China给你一个展现自我的舞台,你可以在此召集一群小伙伴和你来一场工作坊进行“头脑风暴”,或者通过演讲把你的理念传递给更多的人。我们不限主题,只关注你的想法,只要它够炫酷,就没问题!今年6月我们在上海等着你,带着你独一无二的创意,和更多中外大牛互动,擦出更多火花,速速来报名吧! 点击 这里 提交你的绝妙创意,… Read more

Lift15 Youth Program

Johann Recordon, Jan. 14, 2015
On Wednesday, February 4, all young lifters from 13 to 18 years old enter for free when accompanied by a Lift15 participants! Come check out some insipiring and intriguing installations, ideas and… Read more

Ride the Röstigraben Express to Lift15 !

Marie Mayoly, Jan. 7, 2015
T ravel to Geneva for free. We are delighted to announce that Zurich-based companies Panter , Ginetta and Stimmt will sponsor the ride in the Röstigraben-Express from the Swiss-german parts of… Read more

Worldwide swissnex offices at Lift15

Johann Recordon, Dec. 10, 2014
The full swissnex network will participate at Lift15 and contribute to the program, bringing you amazing breakouts and an international lounge. For many years, Lift and the swissnex network have… Read more

Volunteer at Lift15!

Marie Mayoly, Dec. 3, 2014
Are you an inquisitive team player with a passion for innovation? Are you enthusiastic about being an insider and making Lift15 a unique experience ? Are you english-speaking, outgoing , hard-working… Read more