Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Lift is an independent global organization that promotes open innovation as a positive change driver for business & society.


Lift believes in collaborations and experimentations to make the digital transformation go hand in hand with a desirable future. Since its foundation in 2006, Lift has assumed a prospective role in addressing policy making, business & entrepreneurship, education & research, and digital culture & art.


Lift is active in more than 10 countries where it holds various events, runs initiatives and works with organizations on their innovation challenges.

In The Spotlight

Lift:Lab Smart Living

The Lift:Lab Smart Living was an open innovation program designed for a dedicated delegation from Bordeaux who joined with the aim to co-create the city of tomorrow!

Lift:Youth SDG Hackathon

A half-day workshop for youth on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals during Open Geneva.
Health Game Jam 3rd Edition
A Game Jam where patients, health professionals, designers & programmers build on their collective intelligence to create educational and therapeutic games and devices for respiratory disease.

Open Geneva 2018

Fostering open innovation for the arts, science, technology, and for society in the Greater Geneva Area.

Gender Equality Hackathon

Discover the Lift challenge and the team who worked on measuring and changing perceptions.

Lift:Lab Seoul

Lift:Lab Seoul was designed to foster new ideas in order to co-create, prototype and produce solutions for a better urban future.


The Lift:Lab is a unique open innovation program designed to allow individuals and organizations to tackle business and societal challenges using collaborative innovation.

The Future of Education: What if designing
failure resulted in more effective learning?

An interactive workshop about the future of education during our event Lift:Lab

Public Transport Open Data Challenge

The launch of TPG's open data platform and community.

Data Canvas: Sense Your City

Data Canvas is a media network that promotes public education around civic issues. Our cities are now sentient, giant collectors and emitters of data.

ESA Design Fiction Workshop at Lift15

Discussing emerging technologies developed by ESA and looking at the near future, a world in which they will exist with the Lift Community.

Videos In The Spotlight

Lift:Lab17 Recap
The Lift:Lab is a unique, open innovation program designed to allow individuals and organizations to tackle business and societal challenges using collaborative innovation.
Joseph Lubin - The Basics of Blockchain and Ethereum at Lift16
Joseph Lubin is a founder at Consensus Systems (ConsenSys) and Ethereum, where he is preparing the next generation economy with decentralized applications. Put on your smart cap and get to know, in-depth, what the decentralized future has to offer!
Lift16 Recap
Lift16 gathered more than 1,000 participants coming from 35 countries around the world. Spread over three days of workshops, masterclasses, interactive exhibitions, startup pitches and networking in social events, it explored the latest technology trends.
Prototyping Lab at Lift16
The Prototyping Lab at Lift16 was a gathering of innovators from around the world! During 3 memorable days, teams of participants collaborated to build the future of your products, services and business models!

Latest newsfeed

JOIN US to create games to improve access to and sharing of knowledge in respiratory health!
Lift hosted its own challenge about measuring and changing perceptions among the male population.
We launched the second edition of the CAS Kick Off program in collaboration with the HEAD (Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design), HEG (Haute Ecole de Gestion) and AHEAD Foundation.

Lift:Lab Seoul

Our first Lift:Lab Connect ideation workshop took place in Seoul on November 11, 2017!
Come hack with us on 17-19 November 2017!