Jan 7, 2015

Travel to Geneva for free. We are delighted to announce that Zurich-based companies Panter, Ginetta and Stimmt will sponsor the ride in the Röstigraben-Express from the Swiss-german parts of Switzerland to Geneva. For the fourth time, innovation-crazy Swiss-Germans will travel together to Lift15.

«The journey to a conference is often a lonely experience» contemplates Glenn Oberholzer, partner at Stimmt AG, a Customer Focus Consultancy. «You travel alone, trying to find the venue, stand in line at check-in and then start to find famliar faces. At Lift that’s different.»

This is no regular train-ride however: «We will rock the Röstigraben! When we reach Geneva, not only will we know each other, but we will already have experienced innovation”, explains Valérie Vuillerat, Managing Partner at Ginetta. Breakfast, a pre-conference check-in, and activities to get to know each other better as well as tips for first time lifters are part of the program.

Apart from that, the group will also decide which innovation project to support. How? By channeling the CHF 30 that every lifter has paid when registering for the Röstigraben-Express. “Innovation doesn’t come out of thin air. In the Lift hands-on tradition of making stuff happen, the group of riders will support a project that is close to our hearts with the donation”, says Georgios Kontoleon from Panter, who also runs Colab Zürich.

The Lift Röstigraben-Express starts its journey on February 4 2015, departing at 09.32am from Zurich central station. At 10:34am participants may join in Bern, at 10.56 am in Fribourg and in Lausanne at 11.42am. Attendees will be guided to the conference venue in time for the start of the conference.

All Lifters are welcome! Register here for your ride and don't forget to buy your Lift ticket :) !