Lift's objectives
We live in a world of disruption. Technology is redefining entire industries and blurring the lines between sectors.

New business and social models emerge. This gives people a chance to play a more active role in society and businesses to turn challenges into opportunities. This unstoppable transformation raises worries, hopes and questions. That is why Lift was created. To give meaning and context to the changes around us. And to find ways to co-create a future in which innovation drives positive changes in business and society.

To make it happen, we bring together a community of entrepreneurs, artists, business leaders, researchers and students. In this transdisciplinary and collaborative ecosystem, ideas can emerge and blossom into reality.

From San Francisco to Shanghai,  we run open innovation events and programs to inform and engage businesses, governments and citizens around emerging topics that shape our future. To date, more than 50'000 people have participated in our events, and we have collaborated with more than 100 companies on their innovation challenges. What started in 2006 as the Lift Conference, is today a global independent organization with an international network of partners.

Give meaning and context to the changes around us

We assess the social and business impact of new technologies to help people and businesses take better decisions. To maintain our edge, we work with our community of innovators, to identify emerging innovation trends.

Give a voice to the global innovation community

We offer a platform for innovators to share their ideas, expand their network and co- create impactful and sustainable projects. Thanks to our global footprint, we amplify the voices of local innovators.

Set the stage to make innovation happen

We leverage our expertise and network to create collaborative experiences, wherever open innovation enables people and organizations to make a positive impact on business and society.


  • CEO Lift
  • Lift:Lab Co-founder
  • Lift:Lab Co-founder
  • Expert in Business Innovation Strategy and Collaborative Intelligence
  • Lift:Lab Co-founder
  • Strategy Designer & Facilitator, Speaker, Co-author of Value Propositon Design

Lift at Large

  • Principal Near Future Laboratory Professor Geneva University of Art and Design
  • Board Member Ubisoft
  • Founder and President Competia
  • Entrepreneur, Thinker, Writer
  • Associate professor of ISS, University of Geneva
  • Journalist at Bilan
  • Director, Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab

Editorial Partners

Near Future Laboratory - Los Angeles, Geneva, Barcelona
Fondation Internet Nouvelle Generation, Paris, Marseille
The W.I.R.E., Zurich
Open Data CH, Zurich, Geneva
swissnex, San Francisco, Shanghai, Bangalore
Zentrale Intelligenz Agentur ZIA, Berlin
Sopoong Social Ventures, Seoul
Haute Ecole Art Design, Geneva

Academic Partners

CREA, Geneva
ENSAD, Paris
ENSCI, Paris
EPFL, Lausanne
ETH, Zurich
HEAD, Geneva
HEC, Lausanne
UNIGE, Geneva
ZHDK, Zurich


Founding member

Lift is a founding member of Breathing Games Association & Open Geneva