What a Busy Year: Lift Activities Updates

Abir Oreibi, Oct. 22, 2014


You may have heard these past few weeks about Lift Basel, Lift China or other Lift projects - fantastic things are going on! We thought it's time to give you aconsolidated update on Lift’s developments and our new activities. So here we go: 

As it grew, Lift moved from being the organizer of one of the leading European digital conferences staged in various venues to becoming a global innovation actor. Lift has evolved into a transdisciplinary platform, fostering innovative approaches to respond to current and anticipated socioeconomic challenges created by the emergence of digital technologies.

In 2014, we have launched several new events and projects in the USA, China and Switzerland with the aim of reaching out to innovators around the world and connecting them with the Lift community. With Policy Making we have added a new main area of focus to our existing ones, including Science & Technology, Art & Culture, Business & Entrepreneurship, as well as Education & Research. 

Please share with us your interests, so we can make sure to keep you updated on our activities in these areas! 

But now let's start with a first batch of updates on Lift's activities:

NEW: Lift 15 

We are working full speed on the 10th edition of Lift bringing a new format with more interaction. Discover the program here and grab your early bird ticket now! 

Visit the Lift 15 website

NEW: Lift Basel - 1st edition 

We are delighted to announce that in less than two weeks, a new yearly Lift Conference will be launched; Lift Basel, to be held for the first time on November 6-7, will focus on connecting innovators in Life Sciences and Information Technologies.

Join us in the adventure! We have special offers for startups, entrepreneurs and students.

Visit the Lift Basel website

NEW: Lift sous la coupole 

Lift has been an active supporter and facilitator of the Swiss startup ecosystem through its various events and activities. We are now taking this support a step further by directly talking to the parliament deputies with the aim of raising awareness about the challenges and opportunities that key actors from this ecosystem are facing. 

In partnership with Le Réseau and Bilan Magazine, we are launching a series of events to be hosted during the parliamentary sessions. We will invite experts, entrepreneurs and investors to share their experiences around topics related to innovation in the Swiss economy. The "Lift Sous la Coupole" initiative is supported by the newly created parliamentary startup group, which brings together deputies from all political affiliations. 

Stay tuned, the "Lift Sous la Coupole" website will be launched shortly! 

Lift with Fing 

In 2014, Lift with Fing will focus on the Future of Work in a digital society, with a strong focus on how individuals encounter, create or hack work organizations. Once again this year, the conference will be hosted in the breath-taking setting of the Villa Méditerranée.

Visit the Lift with Fing website 

NEW EDITION: Urban data Challenge 

By opening-up government data to the public, the first edition of Urban Data Challenge brought closer the cities and the citizens. In 2015, swissnex San Francisco, Gray Area and Lift are going one step further, empowering citizens to gather their own data with the use of open-source, DIY environmental technology. By equipping citizens’ houses, offices and gardens in various cities in the world with sensors and transmitting the data live through an online, public platform, we are giving people direct access to the heartbeat of their cities. More info to come soon!

Visit the Lift Urban Data Challenge website

NEW: Lift China - 1st edition 

Lift has been looking East again this year, organizing the first Lift conference in China in partnership with swissnex China. Held in Shanghai on September 10, Lift China connected 300 innovators from Asia and Europe, linking entrepreneurship, art and technology. We are excited to announce that the first biohackspace in China was created shortly after the Lift Makers Tour, a study tour of the shanzhai ecosystem in Shenzhen.

Photos of Lift China 

Lift Makers Tour results in China's first biohackspace

Lift China website 

NEW: Swiss Digital Alliance 

Last August, Lift initiated the Swiss Digital Alliance together with Festival Tous Ecrans. It aims at campaigning for digital creation to be a corner stone of Switzerland's cultural strategy for the years 2016-19. The Swiss Digital Alliance Manifesto got over 500 signatures in less than two months and was sent to the federal council for consultation. 

Visit the Swiss Digital Alliance manifesto


That's it from us - for now! Thanks for reading and supporting us in all these exciting adventures. 

Very best, 

Abir, for the Lift Team