Feb. 4–6 2015 – CICG, Geneva, Switzerland

For 2015 our editorial board has curated six thematical tracks, consisting of speakers curated by Lift, but also the selection of open program submissions by the community.

According to our Lift15 mission "Jump out of the Conference Room" the tracks allow you to explore hot topics from various angles and in all kinds of formats, ranging from plenary sessions, to deep-dive masterclasses and rather intimate workshops. 


*** New Perceptions ***

A track on new ways of looking at things: zooming in, zooming out, in space and in time, with data, with light, with software and new kinds of mechanic machinery.

Open program

"Wearable Noir" by Neil Clavin, Heather Moore  

"Crowdfunding, Magic Tool or Legal Nightmare?" by Juliette Ancelle, Michel Jaccard


  • Artist, respected coder, designer of designer tools
  • Maker of the Flight Simulator Birdly
  • Working with Google to help phones and robots see in three dimensions.

*** New Trust ***

New socio-technological situations demand new modes of trust. Some we can design, some we can program, most we need to consciously explore rather sooner than later.

Open Program

"Ride the Röstigraben Express to Innovation Wonderland" by Glenn Oberholzer 

"Health and Society: Unexpected Futures" by Estelle Hary

"Anonymous Communications, Data Security and Protection of Sources for Journalists & NGOs" by Stéphane Koch  

"Designing Alternative Currency Systems: How, for What Purspose and How to set the Rules?" by Paul Bristow, My DIO


  • Frederic Jacobs
    Built the high-security messaging app that Snowden recommends and encrypted WhatsApp
  • Chief Consumer Security Evangelist at McAfee

*** New Money ***

On finding new money, on managing and spending it — and on inventing new money, too.

Open program

"Is Banking in the Perfect Storm of Disruption?" by Mouna Fouillade, Mohammed Dalal, Aaron Phethean, Ben Robinson

"Crowdfunding Science" by Mirko Bischofberger, Johannes Gees, Luc Henry, Dr. Angelika Kalt, Prof. Martin Vetterli

"Startup Spirit in Banking" by Yann Ranchere


  • Wants to do to money what the internet did to information

*** New Experiments ***

Experiments always are a key ingredient at Lift. This time we are looking into learning and experimenting at scale and at speed, and run experiments on fundamental topics such as education, storytelling, gravity — and death.

Open program

"Social Design Cookbook" by Attila Bujdosó 

"Hack Education!" by Michelle Blanchet, Beatrice Scartioni

"« Homo Digitalis », Quelle Culture pour l’Homme de la Révolution Digitale?" by Valerie Bauwens, Marie-Elizabeth Boury 

"The Future of Learning" by Maximilian Janish, Lea Peersman, Dr. Daphne Bavelier, Francesco Panese, Gioia Deucher, Pierre Dillenbourg 

"Inhabiting and Interfacing the Cloud(s)" by Patrick Keller, Nicolas Nova 

"Living Services: Experience designed for Life" by Sami Loikala, Ksenia Avetisova, Hanna-Mari Parkinnen

"Re.Designing death in that in-between space called life" by Virginie Gailing, Lea Gscheidel

"Museomix or Hacking Museums" by Leila Bouanani, Manuel Sigrist


  • Explorer of the future of activism and communities
  • Reports from the bleeding edge of art made possible by advances in scientific technologies
  • Author of "A History of the Future in 100 Objects"

*** New Work ***

Over the last couple of years we speculated about the future of work a lot. Now we must look at today’s concrete shifts in daily practice at a time in which talent is of short supply, in which women have definitely taken their role in the workplace and in which working with tweets is as normal as working with 3d printers.

Open program

"The Female Touch: How Women Entrepreneurs are Coming out on Top" by Pricilla Sharuk, Nina Zavrieva, Co.

"The Movement / Walking Workshop" by Benoit Perreira 

"How to Attract and Retain Young Talents When You Are a Penniless Start-up ?" by Manuel Bianchi della Porta, Joseph Merhai, Thomas Goossens

"Tweet Academy" by Matthias Lüfkens 

"Makers Movement: Leveraging China's Open Innovation Ecosystem" by Jack Shao, Todd Embley, Sophia Lin, David Li, Pascal Marmier

"Digital Jewellery Lab" by Consuelo Keller


  • Co-founder, Maker Collider Director, Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab Co-founder, Hacked Matter
  • Digital Artisan and Maker of Contemporary Jewellery
  • Bridging Art with Science to create inspirational projects in Shanghai

*** New Plans ***

Making plans on a macro level, thinking grand policies anew, and tackling fundamental challenges: besides being nimble and agile, we need to talk about new big plans as well as new and better ways to make them.

Open program

"Design Thinking for Peace – “New Approaches for European Foreign and Security Policy” by Verena Ringler, Nicola Forster 

"Real-time Fact-checking in Mozambique" by Douglas Arellanes 

"Political Participation and Political Dialogue : Does Technology Really Create New Opportunities?" by Anja Wyden Guelpa 

"Data Canvas: Sense Your City - Urban Superpowers Through DiY Environmental Sensing and Creative Coding" by Taurin Berrera

"New Society: Redesigning Society with People" by Laura Polazzi, Glenn Oberholzer, Jean-Luc Wingert


*** New Markets ***

A track on new ways of looking at things: zooming in, zooming out, in space and in time, with data, with light, with software and new kinds of mechanic machinery.

Open program

"Air for Shares and Media Metamorphosis" by Robin Lingg, Aljoscha Kaplan, Tobias Ganz 

"Bilan 50 startups @ Lift15" by Bilan 

"Seedstars World Final" by Seedstarts World 

"Alp ICT Venture Night"

"What can Space do for Finance, Health, and Education in Africa?" by Amnon Ginati 

"Business Models in Satellite Data Applications" by José Achache