Feb. 4–6 2015 – CICG, Geneva, Switzerland

Frederic Jacobs

Security researcher, WhisperSystems & EPFL
Frederic Jacobs
Built the high-security messaging app that Snowden recommends and encrypted WhatsApp

The internet is insecure. Our phones are insecure. Pretty much anything we use to communicate is, after all, insecure, to some degree. And every time engineers try to make things more secure, they get amazingly complex and hard to use rather soon. But there are exceptions, and some of the most important such exceptions of the last years are TextSecure, Signal and RedPhone, mobile apps for free secure phone calls and text messages - all developed by Frederic and the team around him. After a huge wave of media attention and the recommendation of his apps by Edward Snowden himself, Frederic is currently working on his next big thing. We’ll find out more about it at Lift 15!


When neither busy with changing the world as a security researcher, working on encrypted messaging with WhisperSystems, on censorship resistance and Bitcoin blockchains, nor with his contributions as an investigative citizen journalist at Bellingcat, Frederic is studying at EPFL. Before that, Frederic co-founded Movies.io and worked at Storify in San Francisco.