The secret powers of gamification
Dive into the secrets of gamification and discover why playing games becomes the voluntary effort to overcome meaningful obstacles!
Game Jam at Lift16
Gamejam was a 3 days hackathon that took place during #Lift16. We gathered different skills and amazing people to work on a project to gamify what we think is the next field suitable for innovation.
Lift16 - Event Report
For the 11th edition of the Lift Conference in Geneva, Lift16 gathered more than 1,000 participants coming from 35 countries around the world to explore the latest technology trends such as the blockchain, anti-disciplinarity or sustainable ICT.
Artificial Intelligence, Technology without Alternative? at Lift16
Lift16 - Go beyond the buzz and into the reality of AI
From Digital Transition to Ecological Resilience at Lift16
Lift16 - Looking at innovation through the lens of sustainability
Making Sense of Technology
Lift16 - Exploring and questioning our relationship with technology by taking a step back from technology and look at the hidden effect it has on us, from amazement to, sometimes, horror.