Jan 21, 2016

For the sixth year in a row, CERN is collaborating with Lift for their Geneva flagship conference, Lift16. Taking place on February 10-12, Lift16 is the 11th edition and will welcome over 1,000 participants from 40 countries. It will feature a special blend of inspiring speeches by some of the world’s best speakers, hands-on workshops, exhibitions of interactive media projects, a prototyping Lab and a startup competition.


Hardcore Hardware Fantasies workshop at IdeaSquare Lab

On Wednesday, February 10, Tuuli Utriainen from IdeaSquare Lab will welcome Lift participants to CERN for a hands-on workshop titled Hardcore Hardware Fantasies during which they will get to see some of their exotic equipment and invent future applications for the technology currently used in their labs. Real, live physicists will also give inputs and help turn grand ideas into (mostly) feasible concepts. A visit will be organized for the ones who are more about exploring with their eyes than with their hands. The Lift on Site program, put together for the first time in 2016, will allow the audience to discover innovation right where it happens throughout the city during the first day of the Lift conference.


Lift Youth: Make your own Tetra Pak Camera!

In parallel to the IdeaSquare program, young lifters from 6 to 17 will get to create their own camera with very low-tech material. This workshop teaches resourcefulness, creativity, and most importantly, how photography really works! See all details on the Lift on Site webpage.


Subodh Patil's main stage talk about Anti-Disciplinarity

Following the activities on CERN’s campus, Lift will welcome Subodh Patil on the main stage on Thursday, February 11 at 16:30. Subodh will deliver a talk on his multi-faceted work and what versatile skills were required to put together projects such as the sonification of particles with Bill Fontana. Subodh will talk in the session Enter the Anti-Disciplinary Space, alongside Sarah Brin (Public Programs Manager at Pier 9, Autodesk's digital fabrication workshop), James Patten (Interaction Designer, Inventor and Visual Artist in New York) and Caecilia Charbonnier (Founder of Artanim)


Lift Experience - Cineglobe Hackathon Virtual Reality projects 

In the central forum of the Lift conference, CineGlobe, the international festival of films inspired by science and technology that takes place at CERN, will showcase three of its most recent virtual reality projects in the CineGlobe-invented Minima Cinema. This multipurpose, portable projection and exhibition space will allow Lift visitors to try out three short projects developed for Oculus Rift during the recent CineGlobe/Festival Tous Ecrans Hackathon. The projects all use the immersion of virtual reality to both educate and entertain, from a children’s tale of animal perception to a first hand view of ADHD (attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder).


Bringing Narrative into Science Education workshop with Neal Hartman

Alongside the exhibition, the audience will get the chance to dive deeper into the concepts behind Science Storytelling with a workshop by Neal Hartman. Neal, a seasoned participant and workshop leader, will take you on the journey from fundamental research to great cinema, including the use of interactive technologies like Oculus Rift. Behind all good communication, and therefore education, lies good storytelling; this workshop will show how this rule applies to science as well, and give examples of great science storytelling projects.


Join Subodh, IdeaSquare, CineGlobe and Lift on February 10-12 for a great blend of inspiration and experiments at Lift16.