Lift at Swiss-Korean Innovation Week

Over the years, Lift has been growing a network of partners in Asia enabling us to organize various events in China, India and especially in Korea with 3 editions of the Lift Asia conference from 2007 to 2009, the Swiss-Korean Innovation Night in 2012, Urban Entrepreneurs Seoul in 2016 and the Lift:Lab Seoul in 2018.

Lift is thrilled to be back once again in Seoul during the Swiss-Korean Innovation Week on May 22-23, 2019 with two events: Lift:Lab Seoul and a Swiss-Korean Startup Workshop.

During the Swiss-Korean Innovation Week happening on May 20-24, 2019 organized by the Science & Technology Office Seoul, experts from Switzerland and Korea active in the academic and industrial worlds are expected to bring visions and examples for a “smart living” through the convergence of technologies in services, which make our cities more sustainable. 

Swiss-Korean Startup Workshop

Young entrepreneurs have different challenges to face nowadays in a really competitive and fast changing market. Moreover, the companies mastering the most innovative technologies have to fulfill demanding regulatory requirements, build up sales & distribution channels and tighten alliances. Networking is one of the keys to connect the players in the same market developing ideas and strengthen relations to succeed.

The workshops we propose will help startups develop mutual trust and creativity, learning with and from each other, while exchanging about business difficulties and tricks with experts who will be supporting them in the problem-solving process.

  • Understanding the Korean and Swiss markets opportunities and potential
  • Identifying the various R&D and strategic partner’s models
  • Discovering the investment landscape in Korea
  • Meeting investors and potential partners
Related Topics


  • Scaling of business operation to a different market/continent
  • Strategic Partnership models - R&D partnerships: Incentives, Driving force, etc
  • Investors Perspective
  • Market Access Entry to Korea and Switzerland

Selected startups from Switzerland and Korea offering solutions in the fields of:
mobility, security, inclusiveness, real estate, energy, sustainability, AI, VR/AR, IoT, machine learning, etc.

  • Early stage startups interested in cooperation projects with Korean and/or Swiss companies
  • Mature startups ready for internationalization
Workshop timeline

Starting time: 08:00 - 15:00
Introduction to workshop & to mentors – Context & goals of the day
Swiss and Korean startups pitchs
Scaling your business & Market Access to Korea and Switzerland
What is the Korea investors landscape?


The Swiss Korean startup workshop will take place at the new Swiss Embassy building.

Swiss Embassy, 77 Songwol-gil,
Jongno-gu, 03165 Seoul
Tel. +82 2 739 9511  

Local Transportation
By subway
• Get off at Seodaemun station, line 5
• Exit 4 and walk uphill for 5-10min

By bus
• Bus stop: Youngcheon market (701, 702A, 702B, 720, 741, 752, 7019, 7021, 9701, 9703, 9709, 6005, 790, 799, 9710, 9710-1) or Seodaemun, Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (171, 470, 601,750A, 750B)

Moderators and Mentors