Nov 28, 2017
Entrepreneurship and Self marketing for designers and creatives

We launched the second edition of the CAS Kick Off program in collaboration with the HEAD (Haute Ecole d'Art et de Design), HEG (Haute Ecole de Gestion) and AHEAD Foundation. Lift CEO, Abir Oreibi, head of the CAS has designed a program that combines theorotical learning, participative workshops, coaching, experience sharing all with the objective of supporting the students' project development.

CAS Kick Off is an entrepreneurship program for designers and creatives who want to create a company, develop a new product or an innovative solution as independents or through their company during one semester. Our program enables designers & creatives to introduce them to the first steps into the world of entrepreneurship in order for them to develop their project.

The program is organized around five modules that can also be followed independently and is taught by professors who have a professional background. These five modules include workshops, coaching sessions, case studies and practical exercises that tackle the big questions of the entrepreneurship world:

  • Business Model & Plan: how to develop a business model and a business plan
  • Legal ToolBox: browsing through legal structures and IP regulations
  • Finance ToolBox: basic finance principles including funding & investments, accounting and cash-flow management
  • Branding: corporate and personnal branding
  • Public Relations & Marketing: how to develop a communication and sales strategy

At the end of the program, students are required to develop a business plan and pitch their project in front of a jury composed of professors and professionals from the design world. We are looking forward to supporting the birth and growth of new talents! More information is available on the HEAD website.