February 10–12 2016 – Geneva, Switzerland

User Freedom in the Digital Humanity Era

Curated by the Lift community
Fri, Feb. 12 2016 - 11:15 to 12:45
Room 13, level 2

GAFAM (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc.) currently know pretty much everything about our private lives online (and sometimes offline too). Uber, among others, are changing the usual business rules. Governments are massively spying on us, while the Internet Cloud connected applications (SaaS) are becoming the current standard digital solutions for people and companies. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are coming, sometimes already implemented in our everyday tasks. Each second, the Internet Of Things puts 127 more connected items into the Cloud.

Are we going into a digital dictatorship, or could we imagine a friendlier and free digital humanity?

This workshop aims at discussing these trends and how to protect our liberties in the Digital Humanity Era, as well as sharing best practices to navigate on the sea of online data.


Detailed program of the workshop

After an introduction on the topic, the participants will first graph their feelings towards the digital world using a derivative of the Emerge Map. We will then collect threats and challenges to identify what people are afraid of and create a comprehensive list of areas to work on. The various items will be distributed on a mindmap to assess homogeneity and allow classification. Finally, participants will propose solutions to these various threats, using the ressources provided by the moderators.