February 10–12 2016 – Geneva, Switzerland


Wednesday Feb. 10 2016

Wed   09:00

Lift Prototyping Lab Kickoff

Teams will work with Lift16 speakers and experts to go from problem to prototype in just three days. More info here!

Wed   13:30
Wed   17:00

MassChallenge Startup Summit

Join Lift and MassChallenge Switzerland for an exciting evening at Campus Biotech! More information and program here.

Thursday Feb. 11 2016

Thu   07:30

Röstigraben Express Meetup

Ride the train with your fellow lifters from Zürich, Bern and Fribourg! More info and registration here.

Thu   09:00

Doors Open

Grab a coffee, network with your fellow lifters and check out Lift Experience!

Thu   11:00

Grand Opening

Welcome to Lift16!

Thu   11:15

Blockchain Technology Beyond Bitcoin

From art to science, law, politics and innovation, what unexpected and disruptive opportunities does the blockchain technology open?

Stephan Tual Founder of Slock.it & Ursium, CCO of Ethereum
Joseph Lubin Founder at Consensus Systems (ConsenSys) and Ethereum
Primavera De Filippi Researcher at CNRS, Faculty Associate at the Berkman Center, Harvard Law School
Thu   12:30


Let's eat!

Thu   14:00

The Wild Promises of the Digital Customer Experience

Can a great digital experience empower the customers and not only secure a sale?

Brian Solis Award-winning Author, Prominent Blogger/Writer, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group
Kristin Heinonen Digital Trend Analyst, identifying communication trends & emerging user behavior
Nadina Frehner Head of Business Development at ShoeSize.Me
Atreyam Sharma (Leo) Technology Geek, Programmer, Hardcore-Gamer
Thu   15:30


Thu   16:30

Enter the Anti-Disciplinary Space

Our world is complex. How are we to tackle problems that only get harder? Complex questions require the know-how from different fields, cultures and perspectives.

Subodh Patil Research Physicist, University of Geneva, CERN
Sarah Brin Public Programs Manager at Pier 9, Autodesk's digital fabrication workshop
James Patten Interaction Designer, Inventor and Visual Artist
Caecilia Charbonnier Co-founder and Research Director of Artanim
Thu   19:00

Transfer to the Fondue

Group transfer by tram to the Théâtre Pitoëff, 52 rue de Carouge 1205 Geneva

Thu   19:30


Join the legendary Lift Fondue and mingle around delicious melted cheese with 300+ lifters!

Friday Feb. 12 2016

Fri   08:00
Fri   08:15

Doors Open

Grab a coffee, network with your fellow lifters and check out Lift Experience!

Fri   11:15

From Digital Transition to Ecological Resilience

The two major transitions of our time have much to say to one another. The ecological transition has a goal, but the path to get there remains unclear.

Lorenz M. Hilty Professor of Informatics and Sustainability at the University of Zurich
Laur Fisher Research Scientist at MIT, Project Manager of Climate CoLab
Denis Slieker Director at Qurrent, an energy supplier aiming at providing as few energy as possible
David Li Co-founder, Maker Collider Director, Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab Co-founder, Hacked Matter
Fri   12:45


Let's eat!

Fri   14:00

Artificial Intelligence, Technology without Alternative?

Artificial Intelligence is hard. Hard to build, in some ways perhaps impossible, hard to grasp as a field of research and certainly hard to predict in all its consequences.

Alex Lebrun Head of Wit.ai at Facebook, turning speech/text into actionnable data
Henri Bergius VP Engineering at The Grid, an AI that builds your website based on its content
Min Li Marti Member of the Swiss Parliament, Publisher, Editor
Silviu Andrica Co-Founder at Nowy, using AI to help you network smarter
Fri   15:30


Fri   16:30

Making Sense of Technology

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” wrote Science-Fiction author Arthur C. Clarke. What are the implications of such ambiguity? Is it a good thing?

Tobias Revell Artist, Designer, Co-Founder of Haunted Machines
Natalie Kane C&P Officer at FutureEverything and researcher at Changeist
Joël Vacheron Journalist, Sociologist, Editor of VERITIES
Fri   17:45

Wrap-up & End of conference

Fri   19:30

Closing Party

Join us at Baby Boa and finish Lift with some food, drinks and dancing!