February 10–12 2016 – Geneva, Switzerland

Interactive Projects

A little less conversation, a little more action! In-between sessions, let your minds wander into uncharted realms and explore innovation with your hands. Lift Experience will feature a special blend of interactive projects from long-time partners and newcomers alike. Are you prepared?



Founded in 2011 by three motion capture specialists: Clementine Lo, Sylvain Chagué and Caecilia Charbonnier, who will be talking at #Lift16 during Enter the Anti-Disciplinary Space session on the main stage, Artanim will showcase their Interactive virtual reality and motion capture project Immersive Explorers, taking you on a journey into one of the most immersive universes available today. Envious of Sundance Festival and all their cool stuff? Be no more! The Artanim team is coming back to Geneva to blow your mind at Lift16.

Read more details about Artanim in our dedicated blogpost.


HEAD - Genève, MA Media Design

Building on a long-term partnership with Lift Conference, HEAD – Genève will show three 2015 graduation projects and two ongoing student works from MA Media Design at Lift16. These projects question crucial aspects of our lives such as the food we eat, the water we have access to or the data we exchange, and their relationships with technology.

Want to know more? Read the project descriptions on our dedicated blogpost.



Remember the cardboard version of Minima Cinema from Lift15, outcome of CineGlobe, the international festival of films inspired by science and technology that takes place at CERN? Well, not only did they upgrade this great concept to include the use of Oculus Rifts, create a version specially dedicated to kids but also came up with amazing virtual reality projects during their latest edition of the hackathon.

Discover it all at Lift16 and participate to the rich content brought to you by CineGlobe and CERN. All details of their projects on our dedicated blogpost.


Knowledge Plaza

For the first time in 2015, our partners from Knowledge Plaza created a participative experience at Lift, building with you the future of knowledge sharing. This year, they are back with a more technological setup and as much interaction! Discover their great LED installation, bringing to life their brand new model the Double X, and share with the community what matters to YOU when it comes to collaboration.

Read more about it on their website.


HOP ! Titeuf by Transmïi Studio, Fondation Murs à dessins and Zep

This multi-disciplinary project unites traditional graphic novel techniques with state-of-the-art mobile interactivity. Based on a visual created by the Swiss artist Zep, the app developed by Transmïi Studio in collaboration with the association Murs à dessins allows the audience to interact with the piece and discover the story through multiple media.

They will present part of the final piece at Lift16 and launch their Kickstarter campaign during the conference! Come try their app and learn how to support this great project.



Discover two of the projects designed during the latest Museomix cultural makeathon: Déjà-VU, a virtual reality installation bringing old TV screens back to life, and Mix&Make, a one-armed bandit that will randomly designate themes and breakouts for the participants to discover during Lift16!


Peace by Peace

The innovation, technology and peace wonderers Biliana Vassileva, Michael Hahn and Vipin Yadav will be inviting you to stop and reflect on: "How do you experience, code and offer peace when you are on your tech devices?", before sending it into cyberspace to begin and grow the TechLiftPeace Movement at #Lift4Peace.

Come by their booth at Lift, take a break from the boiling ideas of the conference and reflect on your relationship with technology. Who knows, you might just find a new way to be at peace in your digital world!



Need an inspiring break during Lift? sérendipité is a independent and creative bookshop born online in 2013. Starting last year, a brick & mortar shop has opened in Chexbres (VD) as well. sérendipité offers a range of more than 160 inspiring magazines from around the world.

During Lift16, Céline, the founder, will be there with a selection of fine readings for techies, entrepreneurs and innovative people looking for inspiration.


Nowy Connect, Lift16's Networking App

Got an iPhone? A LinkedIn profile? Then you're all set to network like 2k16 at Lift! Nowy Connect, an on-going project by Silviu Andrica's team at EPFL, uses IBM Watson, one of the most powerful AI on the market, to tell you who you might want to connect to at Lift16. And thanks to the use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), it can tell you which of these people are close to you, without ever tracking your location!

See all the details and download the app right here. Silviu Andrica will also be speaking in our session "Artificial Intelligence, Technology Without Alternative?".


Startups at Lift16

This year, we have a particularly large and qualitative selection of startups attending Lift, ready to tell you all about their products, business models, core-values, etc. Don't miss them out!


Advanon is the leading invoice financing platform in Switzerland. They offer a simple and flexible way to get invoices prefinanced by numerous financial investors.

Artanim Interactive

Artanim Interactive is a company specialized in the creation of events and interactive installations. They have avant-gardes technologies for the most interactive experiences.


BestMile provides pioneering solutions and services for autonomous mobility. They manage driverless vehicle fleets remotely with their software ecosystem.


Comfylight is the first light bulb able to learn how you move around at home and then simulate your movements perfectly when you're out to prevent burglary.


ecoRobotix develops revolutionary autonomous robots allowing to reduce negative impact of modern agriculture on the environment.

Fastree 3D

Fastree3D aims at producing 3D cameras that enable vehicles and machines to recognize, locate fast moving objects in three dimensions in real-time, enabling safe and intelligent actions such as driving assistance or autonomous navigation.


The disruptive Femtoprint  technology is a innovative manufacturing process able to produce 3D micro devices integrating optical, fluidic, mechanical features down to the nano-scale in a single substrate.


Intento is developing wearable non-invasive neuroprostheses that promote brain reorganization and functional recovery in paralyzed stroke patients.


Metaco is bringing Tradition to Bitcoin. Metaco® has the first Blockchain infrastructure to enable smart contract trading.


Morphotonix enables cost-efficient and industrially-compatible fabrication of additive-free holographic-like effects on large, 3D, high-precision moulded articles, used for brand recognition or as security features.


Plair develops real-time aerosol detectors dedicated for Research, Meteo, and Healthcare institutions concerned by air quality, contamination, and pollution.


Orbiwise provides a complete “low-power wide-area” wireless communication system, optimized for connected objects, including core network software, gateways and device reference design.


Pristem provides the first fully digital X-ray system for emerging markets, i.e. two-thirds of humanity that still have not access to basic medical imaging.


TwentyGreen produces a new probiotic feed supplement for sustainable animal farming, exerting several beneficial effects simultaneously.


Wecan.Fund connects private and corporate investors with Swiss and European companies to develop their business with the help of p2p lending.

Other entrepreneurs present during the conference