February 10–12 2016 – Geneva, Switzerland

Silviu Andrica

Works on getting people to look up from their phones without missing opportunities to connect with one another
Co-Founder at Nowy, using AI to help you network smarter

Silviu Andrica obtained a PhD in computer science from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in 2014. Afterwards, he co-founded Nowy and is currently leading it.

Nowy's goal is to help people make the best out of the opportunities the world around them has to offer. At Nowy, they believe life would be much more rewarding if we just looked up from our phones. Currently, Nowy focuses on surfacing exciting interaction opportunities with nearby people, interactions with people one might otherwise miss.

Nowy's core product is Nowy Connect, the smartphone app that helps you be a smarter networker. Nowy Connect is designed to be used at events, to help people find & connect with fellow event attendees, and create new professional relations. You can think of it as a digital name tag + LinkedIn.

To make it easy for people to find interesting interlocutors at an event, Nowy Connect leverages IBM Watson's natural language processing and artificial intelligence to match user-generated descriptions of interesting people to people nearby.


Read all details about Nowy Connect at Lift16 on their website.


Talk "Nowy Connect: be a smarter networker with AI" given at Lift16: