February 10–12 2016 – Geneva, Switzerland

Atreyam Sharma (Leo)

Co-founder and Vice-President of Workshop4Me, teaching young generations how to integrate code
Technology Geek, Programmer, Hardcore-Gamer

Atreyam (Leo) is one of the youngest entrepreneurs, coders and hardcore gamers in Continental Europe and has the unique distinction of being a teacher for the young generation in the age group of 7–16 years through his coding program Workshop4Me.

Sharing his passion for technology led him to being recognized by BGL BNP Paribas at the age of 12 for conducting an ICT training session at a national gathering of undergraduates as well as being formally appreciated by grocery retail chain management when he solved an automatic door glitch at Delhaize using computational thinking. The local newspapers have commended him for his contribution in imparting ICT skills to young generation in Luxembourg and for under privileged children in India during his vacation. In summer 2015 he initiated 500 students to coding over a 2-day period in a town in India. 

In 2015, CNN recommended the Mum and Girls coding event, co-facilitated by him, to its international readership base. He regularly runs coding events for Geek Week Luxembourg, EU Code Week, spoke at the Geek Girls Carrots event and taught Vedic Mathematics. At the age of 9 he started using the Kanban Board to manage his homework and presented it two years later at the Project Management Institute Luxembourg chapter as their youngest speaker.

Apart from teaching, Atreyam developed an iOS app during his summer internship at a technology company. He has a keen interest in stellar objects and combines music, mathematics, philosophy and coding in his work. Born in 2001 in India, Atreyam (Leo) attends Secondary Year 3 (Standard 9) in the European School, Luxembourg.


Talk "The Next Wave of Disruption" given at Lift16: