February 10–12 2016 – Geneva, Switzerland

François Pachet

Director of the SONY Computer Science Laboratory Paris

François Pachet is the director of the SONY Computer Science Laboratory Paris, where he leads the music research team. He conduct research on interactive music listening, composition and performance. François has developed several award winning technologies (constraint-based spatialisation, intelligent music scheduling using metadata) and systems (MusicSpace, PathBuilder, Continuator for interactive music improvisation, etc.).

François has published intensively in artificial intelligence and computer music. He was co-chair of the IJCAI 2015 special track on Artificial Intelligence and the Arts, and has been elected ECCAI Fellow in 2014. His current goal, funded by an ERC Advanced Grant, is to build Flow Machines, computational representations of style from text and music corpora that can be exploited for personalized content generation. He is also an accomplished musician (guitar, composition) and has published two music albums (in jazz and pop) as composer and performer.

Find out more about François on his website and on Flow Machines.