February 10–12 2016 – Geneva, Switzerland

Sarah Brin

Helps artists in residence imagine, design and create the future of making things
Public Programs Manager at Pier 9, Autodesk's digital fabrication workshop

Sarah Brin is a writer and curator specializing in participation, new media art, and public spaces. She currently works as the Public Programs Manager at Pier 9, Autodesk's 12,000 square foot digital fabrication workshop located on the San Francisco waterfront. Since its opening in 2013, Pier 9 has welcomed over 200 Creative Programs partners to imagine, design and create the future of making things. These partnerships have included supporting international artists in residence, academic design studios, and a range of other creatives working in architecture, cuisine, physical computing, and other fields that defy definition.

At Pier 9, Sarah curates and commissions a range of antidisciplinary projects, including the Experimental Research Lab, a fellowship program focused on creating accessible public discourse around meaningful applications of technology. Outside of her work at Autodesk, Sarah’s research on artist-made games established the groundwork for PlaySFMOMA, the new game designer-in-residence program at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Sarah has also produced exhibitions and publications for institutions including UCLA, The MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Vice, The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, The NYU Game Center and elsewhere. Sarah holds an M.A. in Art and Curatorial Practice from the University of Southern California and a B.A. in European Cultural Studies from Brandeis University.

Read more about her projects on her website.


Talk "Making/Meaning in the Realm of Anti-Disciplinarity" given at Lift16: