February 10–12 2016 – Geneva, Switzerland

Patrick Baumann

Advocates taking responsibility for how we produce goods and making products more efficient
Mechanical Engineer, Managing Partner of Biomimicry Switzerland

Patrick is the founder and owner of the mechanical engineering company Baumann Maschinenbau and is a Certified Biomimicry Specialist. Very important for him is to take care about our resources, take responsibility for how we produce goods and make products more efficient.

One of his goals is to bring the mechanisms, processes and systems that we find in nature into the design and manufacturing process of everyday products to make them more sustainable.

As a mechanical engineer with a masters degree from the ETH Zürich in Switzerland, Patrick has 20 years of experience in industrial designing and project management in textile technology, transportation vehicle and train carriage design, industrial computer tomography and automation of manufacturing processes. As a drummer, he received a degree from the Los Angeles Music Academy.