February 10–12 2016 – Geneva, Switzerland

Jamie Brown-Hansen

Specializes in the application of biomimicry to financial system design
Community Credit Architect, Managing Partner of Biomimicry Switzerland

Jamie is a community credit architect and biomimicry specialist in Basel, Switzerland. She's excited about interconnecting community credit systems into a bottom-up economy. She specialises in regenerative financial architecture, or the application of biomimicry to financial system design. Biological design can inform financial architecture at all levels from community credit to global finance policy.

Jamie unfolds a story of how nature would design a financial system, and is working with the Biomimicry Global Network to put these lessons into practice. She manages the secretariat of its Bio-credits Working Group and administers the biomimicry movement's first prototype bioinspired credit facility, the Biomimicry Exchange Network (BXN).

Read more about Jamie on her personal website.