February 10–12 2016 – Geneva, Switzerland

Denis Slieker

Helping households to become energy neutral by connecting them with regional renewable energy projects
Director at Qurrent, an energy supplier aiming at providing as few energy as possible

Denis Slieker is a Director at Qurrent, a Netherlands-based energy supplier that aims to provide as few energy as possible and helping households to become energy neutral.

Next to renewable energy, energy saving and energy production solutions, Qurrent - through their community - connect households to local and regional renewable energy projects.

Embedded in a new business and organization model, Qurrent has acquired over 50.000 customers in the past two years.

Prior to Qurrent, Denis has run several social ventures such as Climate Neutral Group (a carbon offset company) and GREENLease, the first sustainable car leasing company in The Netherlands. In 2010 Denis published a book on greening the economy by valuing the crucial ecosystem service which are provided by nature: Our Balancing Act, the true value of ecosystems.


Talk "Energy neutral: It’s easy when you turn things around" given at Lift16: