Feb. 22-24, 2012   |   CICG, Geneva, Switzerland

Lift12 (Geneva, Feb. 22-24, 2012) featured our special blend of some of the world's most inspiring speakers, truly interactive workshops,exhibitions of interactive media projects, prototypes to play with and ... the legendary Fondue!


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In The Woods

In the Woods presents visitors with a modified version of their own shadow, combining the true outline with an outlandish, virtual contrivance. As viewers approach the work, they become participants in a “sidewalk fairy tale", their shadows transformed into fantastical creatures from a mythical forest.

The Pillow Book

At first, the pillow shouldn't be an interface, but, instead it should be seen as an intimate object with an intuitive use.

Onirigami - HEAD

Onirigami is a game combining the manipulation of a tangible object, a paper setting and projections on a table.The player has to use the pawn in the landscape to create an interactive story.

The Bookworld

Bookworld is an experimental project developed by Orange Lecteurs.com and Bookapp.com

Thymio II

The main objective of the Thymio II project is to provide a robot to a large public, to make the exploration of technology accessible to everyone and to enable the integration of robotic technology in the teaching process.

Murat Ombombes Sensor Playground

Action Tweak is a live electronic music performance, which uses futuristic ways of interacting with sound.


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