Sentient Mapping

Fri, Feb. 24 2012 - 09:00

Yasmine Abbas, architect
François Le Palec, creative technologist

SENTIENT MAPPING – "Le géographe est trop important pour flâner" // "The geographer is too important to stroll" said the geographer to the little prince. Ever since "we are inhabiting at the same time the space and its representation", the flâneur has become the geographer. Sentient mapping is nowadays much in fashion and offers many more personal rewards than just finding one's way through navigation. This workshop explores how a sentient map is different than a traditional map and questions content and platforms of such tools.

1_ what interactivity elements does your workshop offer?

Explore creatively digital sentient mapping.
Engaged discussions.

2_ what is the take-away for the participants?

A sense of how the digital has disrupted mapping... and the yet to be explored opportunities by extending maps beyond the traditional analytical / scientific / quantitative approach to the qualitative / art world that was actually part of mapping in its early stage but disappeared since the century of the enlightenment.

Read the open Google document.