October 15-16, 2013 – Villa Méditerranée, Marseille

Occupy Industry! The 5th edition of Lift with Fing in Marseille will gather those who envision how digital technology could transform design and manufacturing, and those who are actively making it happen!

Tanya Menendez - COO and Co-Founder of Maker's Row
A sociologist by training Tanya is most interested in the intersection of technology and society. While working for Goldman Sachs, she was also working weekends and late nights on The Brooklyn Bakery and loved how it was supporting a network of local factories and other small businesses, so she ended up joining it. As Tanya and her team were trying to expand the business, they realized that there was a huge lack of transparency and community within the industry. It would take them months to find the right factory, so they decided to create Maker’s Row to solve this problem.


Asa Calow – Co-Founder, MadLab
Asa Calow is a creative technologist, itinerant amateur and cofounder of the MadLab – a community space for science, technology and art based in Manchester UK which supports more than sixty community groups from fiction writing and film-making to lock picking, biohacking, electronics and more.



Massimo Menichinelli - Open P2P Design
Massimo Menichinelli is a designer who researches and develops open, collaborative, and co-designs projects and the systems that enable them since 2005. He lectures on Digital Fabrication and Open Design at Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland) and Open Design at SUPSI (Lugano, Switzerland).


Sénamé K. Agbodjinou
Trained as an architect and an anthropologist, Sénamé K. Agbodjinou founded L'Africaine d'architecture, an activist network focused on architecture, urban planning and design for Africa. He also initiated the RepLab programme for spreading “neighbourhood labs” such as WoeLab (Lome, Togo): an incubator for technological projects that aims to create a virtuous circle for innovation in Africa.


Pierre-Yves Oudeyer - Inria
Pierre-Yves Oudeyer is Research Director at Inria (France) and head of the FLOWERS team. His research focuses on developmental and social robotics. Strongly inspired by infant development, the mechanisms he studies include artificial curiosity, intrinsic motivation, joint attention and joint intentional understanding, and imitation learning. He also works actively for the diffusion of science towards the general public.


Marie-Noéline Viguié - Nod-a
Marie-Noéline is a co-founder and co-CEO of Nod-A, which imagines and produces collective innovation events, using a new approach to collaboration within organizations it has developed, called MakeStorming. Nod-A also co-organizes open innovation events like museomix. nod-A investigates other emerging topics, like networked digital fabrication, the Internet of Things and (re)planned obsolescence or the evolution of industrial practices through the ReFaire program with Fing.


Olivier Mével - Readiymate
Olivier founded in 1995, together with Philippe Feinsilber, one of the first digital agency. In 2003, he co-founded with Rafi Haladjian, Violet, the company behind Nabaztag, the widely popular Wifi bunny now seen as the Internet of Things icon. When Violet was bought-out in 2009 by Mindscape, Olivier co-founded "23 de Enero", an Internet of Things agency. 23 de Enero also creates consumer products such as reaDIYmate and TeleSound.


Alain Fontaine - President, Airbus Innovation Cell
After handling major executive responsibilities within Airbus EADS, Alain Fontaine is now part of Airbus’ new “Innovation Cell.”



Pierpaolo Andriani - Kedge Business School
Pierpaolo Andriani is a physicist who, through working on highly innovative projects, decided to move into business teaching and research. He is Professor in Complexity and Innovation Management at Kedge Business School. His research interests are focused on the impact of complexity theory on innovation, organisational theory and entrepreneurship.


Anne-Sophie Novel - demoinsenmieux.com
An economist by training, Anne-Sophie Novel is a journalist and a blogger focusing on environmental issues, sustainable alternatives, social innovation and the collaborative economy.
Her ambition is to spread best “green” ideas and practices towards the general public.
She also works as a researcher, a strategic and an editorial consultant, and provides training on Web 2.0 applied (among others) to media and sustainable development.


Véronique Routin and Fabien Eychenne - Fing
Veronique Routin and Fabien Eychenne are in charge of Fing’s “ReFaire” programme, which explores what the democratization of computer-assisted design and production does to industrial processes and products. After working for several large Internet and IT corporations, Veronique is now in charge of Fing’s development. Fabien Eychenne has worked on Fing’s “Cities 2.0” programme before focusing on Fab Labs, digital and participative manufacturing methods and their consequences for small and large manufacturers.

Pierre-Guy Hourquet - Associate Dean for Research, Development and Innovation at Kedge Business School
He joined the institution after 10 years at the EDHEC Business School where he contributed to the development of the Executive Education program, leading the business unit from 2005 to 2010 to the Top 35 of the Financial Times world rankings (2010). Recently, he headed the research center for strategy and management at EDHEC, specializing in the field of mergers and acquisitions.  Previously, Pierre-Guy Hourquet was a visiting professor at the McGill University Business School in Montreal, Canada (2000-2001) and head of the department at ESCEM.

Professor of Management, author and co-author of more than 100 academic contributions (books, articles, conferences, case studies…) he is a consultant for numerous international businesses in the field of mergers and acquisitions, strategy, leadership, management performance and innovation. He teaches or conducts seminars for managers and executives in various countries (USA, Canada, China, Italy, Belgium, and Morocco…).


Josiane Gain - IBM, University Relations Manager since 2011, university education (Dauphine)
For 15 years at IBM, she held various positions in the areas of strategic consulting and change management, internal training and coaching. She comes from the world of start-ups and SMEs, where she was manager for marketing, sales and communication.


Frédéric Bardeau - simplon.co
In the Web field since 1996, 15 years of entrepreneurship in digital, communications (DDB, Publicis, McCann), NGO & CSR (Netintelligenz, Trilogicom - LIMITE, author of Anonymous (FYP), CELSA consultant, Social Media Club, speaker, trainer for over 10 years, father of 5.