October 15-16, 2013 – Villa Méditerranée, Marseille

Occupy Industry! The 5th edition of Lift with Fing in Marseille will gather those who envision how digital technology could transform design and manufacturing, and those who are actively making it happen!

Lift France 2013: "Occupy Industry!"

Can we respond to our economic and ecologic crises by changing the way we produce and use things, and perhaps what we produce? New design and manufacturing techniques... New ways of managing product lifecycles... New roles for "consumers"... New innovation models... New visions of what should be produced, why, and by whom...

Through the Makers/Fab Labs movement, "cradle to cradle", collaborative models, "open source hardware", additive manufacturing, and many other potential disruptions, something is trying to change in industry and especially manufacturing. This edition of Lift will gather those who envision how production could transform itself, and those who are actively making it happen!


Meet the Speakers

Full list here

Sénamé K. Agbodjinou
Founder, l'Africaine d'Architecture / RepLab


Tanya Menendez
COO and Co-Founder of Maker's Row - America's best factories in one place

Asa Calow
Co-Founder at MadLab - producing inventive electronic kits and exciting workshops

Anne-Sophie Novel
Journalist and Blogger at De Moins en Mieux 


Olivier Mével
Co-Founder at ReaDIYmate - DIY kit to build web-connected things

Alain Fontaine
President, Airbus Innovation Cell

More than just a Conference

In detail
Lift Conference
Oct. 15

Inspiring Talks

The international conference on innovation, creativity, technology and society, in the spectacular setting of Villa Mediterranee's auditorium

Lift Experience

Emerging Start-ups

A 760 sq. meters exhibition staging tomorrow's disruptive innovations, weird machines and unexpected objects

Lift for Youth
Oct. 16

Experience Design

Because today's youth will have to raise up to tomorrow's challenges, Lift for Youth condenses the Lift Conference into a suitable format for college students

Digital Disruptions
Oct. 16

Inspiring Talks

A massive foresight workshop gathering 150 participants around one question: What digital disruptions will become central in the coming years?

6 Minutes of Serendipity
Oct. 16

Emerging Start-ups

Discover 10 amazing innovative projects that draw upon the wealth and diversity of Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur's innovation ecosystems, and interact with their creators

The Wall of Temptation
Oct. 15-16

Experience Design

Artist Clara Feder challenges each of us: Will you be the first to build the Wall of Temptation? Can you resist temptation?