Hacking Venture Capital

Fri, May. 07 2010 - 09:00

HEADLINE: Real-world fundraising workshop on how to pitch your startup, get through the VC process and negotiate your deal, based on a fictitious case study.

UPDATE: I have uploaded the basic data on the case study, FAKE-ERPLY, which we will be using. I will release further information during the workshop as we go through the sequence of pitching and negotiating.

FORMAT: I will run a 2-hour workshop split into two sessions for which I will use FAKE-ERPLY as the case study:
a/ how to pitch and get through the process to an offer (1 hour)
b/ how to negotiate your deal (1 hour)

Both sequences will get the audience very involved followed by debrief and an in-depth "hacks" sequence to delve into the tricks of the trade on each.

The aim is to create two-way conversations on the social contract between entrepreneur and venture capitalist as well as provide hands-on advice about raising money and developing a strong relationship with your investors. The core attraction about this workshop is that it comes from the trenches. Have been doing this for over 10 years now and heard 100's of pitches, and invested in over 20 startups. No bullshit, no excuses, no mercy :-)

This is going to be real-world folks. Let's make this workshop kick some ash !