Oct. 21-22 2014 – Villa Méditerranée, Marseille

A big thank you for having participated in Lift with Fing 2014 and for making it such a great success! It was a real pleasure meeting you all. We really hope that you enjoyed the experience and left inspired and nurtured with new contacts and tools to help you further your ventures.

We extend our thanks to the whole Fing team who did an amazing job all throughout the event.


About Lift with Fing 2014

In 2014, Lift with Fing will focus on the future of Work in a digital society, with a strong focus on how individuals encounter, create or hack work organizations:

  • 40% to 70% of today's jobs could be automated in 20 years → What will “work” look like in the future?
  • Someone entering the workforce today will go through more than 10 employers before retiring → Can we rethink work communities beyond the office, beyond the enterprise, beyond even jobs?
  • Individuals joining a company come with their own skills, devices, tools, networks, and reputation → How will organizations contribute to their staff’s professional worth?
  • Employed, self-employed, entrepreneurs, in training, retired, volunteer, contributor: we’ll be all that at a time → How do we assess the value of work, of other activities, and what relationship should they have with income?
  • Inequalities keep rising between knowledge workers and others, executives and non-executives, entrepreneurs and employees → Can digital opportunities extend to all?

These questions, and others, will be at the core of Lift France's 2014 edition.


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More than just a Conference

Lift Students
20 Oct

Emerging Start-ups

En avant-première de Lift with Fing, Lift Étudiants c'est Lift dans un format et des contenus adaptés aux étudiants !

Lift Conference
21 Oct

Inspiring Talks

The international conference on innovation, creativity, technology and society, in the spectacular setting of Villa Mediterranee's auditorium

6 Minutes of Serendipity
21 Oct

Emerging Start-ups

Discover 10 amazing innovative projects that draw upon the wealth and diversity of Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur's innovation ecosystems, and interact with their creators

Lift for Youth
22 Oct

Experience Design

Because today's youth will have to raise up to tomorrow's challenges, Lift for Youth condenses the Lift Conference into a suitable format for college students

Digital Disruptions
22 Oct

Inspiring Talks

A massive foresight workshop gathering 150 participants around one question: What digital disruptions will become central in the coming years?

Lift Experience
21-22 Oct

Emerging Start-ups

A 760 sq. meters exhibition staging tomorrow's disruptive innovations, weird machines and unexpected objects


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Confirmed speakers


  • Patricia VENDRAMIN
    Namur Work-University Foundation (Belgium)
  • Jordi SERRANO
    Future4Work (Catalogne)
  • Stefana BROADBENT
    NESTA (United Kingdom)
  • Jeremy MYERSON
    Designer Royal College of Art (United Kingdom)
  • Henry STEWART
    Happy.co.uk (United Kingdom)
  • Aurialie JUBLIN
    Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération (France)
  • Ben WABER
    CEO, Sociometric Solutions (USA)
  • Amandine BRUGIERE
    Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération (France)
  • Antonio A. Casilli
    Telecom ParisTech, EHESS (France)
  • Carlos Verkaeren
    Groupe Poult (Belgium)
    Walkingworking.com (France)
  • Philippe LEMOINE
    Fondation Internet Nouvelle Génération (France)


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Inspiring Talks

Emerging Start-ups


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