Going to China!
September 10th, 2014, Shanghai

Wednesday September 10, Power Station of Art, Shanghai

Lift China Conference - Download the printable program!

09:30 - Doors open!
  • Come in, have some tea/coffee and meet your fellow lifters
10:00 - Opening Session
  • Intro: Abir Oreibi (Lift) and Pascal Marmier (swissnex China)
  • Keynote speech: Thomas Landrain (La Paillasse), DiY Biology
  • Keynote speech: David Li (XinCheJian, Hacked Matter), State of Shanzhai
Abir OreibiPascal MarmierThomas LandrainDavid Li
11:00 - Networking Break
  • Have a refreshing drink, visit the Interactive Design Exhibition, network with your fellow lifters
11:30 - Workshops and Masterclasses
Bo GaoFrancesca ValsecchiMatthieu ChérubiniDongli ZhangEmilie TappoletMaria Beltran
Guided Exhibition Tour
  • Presentation of the Interactive Design Exhibition by Lei Yang (Curator)
13:00 - Lunch
  • Have some food, recharge your batteries, go get a quick tan in the sun
14:30 - Interactive Design Exhibition Presentation
Yang LeiClaudio ColucciEmilie Tappolet
Workshops and Masterclasses
Feng GaoTH ScheeThomas LandrainArthur Lok
16:00 - Workshops and Masterclasses
Claudio ColucciEmilie TappoletMaria Beltran
Guided Exhibition Tour
  • Presentation of the Interactive Design Exhibition by Lei Yang (Curator)
17:30 - Closing Session
  • Wrap-up of the day: Abir Oreibi (Lift)
  • Summary of masterclasses and workshops: All speakers and leaders
18:30 - Break + Startup Pitch Registration
  • Have a drink with your fellow lifters, sign-up and get your seat for the Venture Leaders pitchfest!
19:00 - Venture Leaders Startup Pitch Competition
20:30 - Cocktail
  • End this beautiful day with a drink, some music and a last look at the Interactive Design Exhibition


Lift Interactive Design Exhibition

Exhibition of the work from shiny representatives of the emerging digital creative scene in Switzerland who have already won international awards, in partnership with HEAD Geneva. More information on our blog.



  • Double Life by Yan Zhou
  • Traces by Yi Liu
  • City Slang Collection by Guanxu Chen, Jixing Chen, Zekai Zheng
  • Aftertaste by Yiqing Guo

Chinese pieces banner


  • Binary Land «Hello World!!!» by Transmïi (Baptiste Milési) - Excellence award 2012 from Fondation Hans Wilsdorf
  • OKO by Nadezda Suvorova - Swisscom Best iOS App 2012 award
  • IDNA by Apelab (Sylvain Joly, Emilie Tappolet, Maria Beltràn) - Best in Play award, GDC 2014
  • Magnetics by Fabien Duperrex
  • Foxx Keedz by Yulia Garcia-Skrebneva
  • Once Upon a Tale by Benjamin Ben Kemoun with Praiya Chinagarn, Andrea Rovescalli and Guillaume Vautier
  • Onirigami by Marion Bareil and Camille Attard


September 11-13, Shanghai + Shenzhen

Lift Makers Tour

Discovery tour with Swiss and European makers in Shanghai and Shenzhen, led by David Li, co-founder of Hacked Matter and XinCheJian, Shanghai’s first maker space.

Visits of:



Find more information on the Lift Makers Tour on our blog!