BeerDeCoded: Give them beers, people start talking about genomics

Fri, Oct. 30 2015 - 14:00 to 15:30
Room E3

We heard about nutrigenomics and personalised food, but who ever thought of beeromics?

What is inside beer? What makes THAT beer taste unique? The open-source citizen science initiative BeerDeCoded will find out by sequencing the DNA found in your favourite fermented beverage. It is a scientific quest to measure the biodiversity of beers and build a personal molecular sommelier.

At Lift Basel, we will inaugurate the first Tree of Beers. Using genomics and bioinformatics, we can identify the ingredients and build a genetic classification of beers based on DNA data. All the beers present on the tree were nominated by the backers of the BeerDeCoded Kickstarter campaign, initiated at the “Crodwfunding Science” workshop during Lift15 in Geneva.

At Lift Basel, BeerDeCoded will unveil the first results from our citizen science initiative and ask the participants to gradually unveil the Tree of Beers using a twitter-responsive board.

BeerDeCoded is a not-for-profit collaborative initiative between SwissDeCode, a spinoff from the University of Geneva, and Hackuarium, the DIY Biology community of the Lausanne area. It is an open source project promoting a public discussion regarding issues related to personal genomics. We simply use beers as surrogates of individuals.

So come talk to us and ask everything you always wanted to know about beer and DNA.