Schedule | Lift Basel 2015

Thursday Oct. 29 2015

Thu   13:00

Doors Opening

Thu   14:00

Grand Opening

 Welcome by the Lift Team

Thu   14:15

Synthetic Biology Today and Tomorrow

The programmable gene editing system CRISPR/Cas, which many call the biggest biotech discovery of the century, is a game changer indeed. Let's dive right into this copy-paste revolution!
Rob Carlson Visionary analyst and shaper of the bioeconomy
Neil Goldsmith Brewing new food ingredients using custom-built organisms
Xavier Duportet Creating programmable biological agents to eradicate bacteria by hacking their genome
Thu   15:30


Time for coffee and connecting with fellow participants

Thu   17:30

Transfer Time

Thu   17:45

The Future of Food & Beverage

When it comes to eating and drinking, huge challenges need to be tackled, from sustainable production to healthy consumption - and all are right at the intersection of science and society.
Reto Schnyder Challenging the Cash Cows of Big Food
Ralph Schmidhalter Deploying Drones for Healthier Wheat and Vines
Bin Bin Pearce Beer from Bread, Smart Toilets, and Critical Thinking
Thu   18:45


Let's end the first day in style around a glass of wine

Friday Oct. 30 2015

Fri   08:00

Doors Opening

Fri   09:00

Surgeon Superpowers

A session from tomorrow's operation room, where the craftsmen fixing our bones, joints and teeth are acquiring new superpowers: vision clearer than ever, amazing precision and super-human speed.
Hans-Florian Zeilhofer Engineering the Augmented Surgeon
Philippe C. Cattin Building the Smallest High-Precision Laser Surgery Robot
Raimund Erdmann Founder Erdmann Design AG and lecturer industrial design
Fri   10:00


Time for coffee and connecting with fellow participants

Fri   10:30

Doctors and Patients, Revisited

Knowledge is power, and that power is shifting to the patient: huge knowledge bases, new data sources and now also artificial intelligence are coming together to re-shape an age-old relationship.
Haig A. Peter Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Healthcare with IBM's Watson
Cécile Monteil Emergency Room Pediatrician and Startup Entrepreneur
Patricia Sigam Designing the apps for Switzerland's eHealth ecosystem
Fri   12:00


Time to refuel and eat!

Fri   14:00

Global Ageing

The demographic shift we are all experiencing is as dramatic as it is promising: we are running out of youths, forcing us to look at fundamentally new ways to keep us young.
Alexandra Stolzing Solving Ageing by Reprogramming Cells
Manouchehr Shamsrizi Building games that help to age healthily by ageing playfully
Scott Smith Making sense of today’s weak signals on tomorrow’s lifestyle and life science
Fri   15:30


Time for coffee and connecting with fellow participants

Fri   16:15

Strategic Openness in Life and Data Science

Every day the production of new data and knowledge is increasing — and it seems like the only way to deal with the data avalanche is large-scale strategic sharing. How can organizations cope?
Bastian Greshake Opening up a million genomes (for starters)
Paul Willis Advancing antimalarial drug research through open source initiatives
Gernot J. Abel Making open innovation and citizen science work in biotechnology
Marcel Salathé When an epidemiologist thinks like a web developer
Fri   18:00

Closing drinks!