Basel Tomorrow — Envisioning the Life Science City 2025

Fri, Oct. 30 2015 - 09:00 to 10:00
Room E3

Today, Basel is bustling, successful Life Science city in the heart of Europe. In order to stay at this top spot, it will have to continuously reform and adapt, continue to attract and retain talent, capital and organizations — or risk to fall behind other Life Science driven cities around the globe.

Inspired by previous grassroots initiatives launched at Lift, like let's say, we'll use this workshop to gather ideas, ask questions, attempt to express demands and join forces in order to contribute to making this city a better place for research and business, but first and foremost for motivated people who want to make things happen.

What do we need to learn from other cities small and large? How is the relationship with Zurich, Boston, Singapore and so on going to develop? How closely can we work together with the neighbouring countries, to fully use the potential of this place in the middle of Europe? Let's find out, and get things started!