Ralph Schmidhalter

Co-Founder of VitiScan
Deploying Drones for Healthier Wheat and Vines

Ralph Schmidhalter is working on new tools for farmers and winegrowers. His company VitiScan provides aerial vigor mapping and analysis of vineyards to wine growers and investors by introducing drones, special cameras and advanced algorithms for precision agriculture and crop disease detection. As unmanned aerial vehicles and satellite imagery become more and more available as well as cheaper and cheaper, they and the data they provide can play a decisive role in making informed decisions leading to more effective use of fertilisers and plant species adapted to specific terrains — and thus shaping the future of food and how it is produced. 

In his presentation at Lift, Ralph will provide an insider's overview and a critique of the technologies in use today and discuss what the future of drone-supported agriculture will bring for growers and consumers alike.