Haig A. Peter

Cognitive Computing Ambassador at IBM Research
Haig A. Peter
Bringing Artificial Intelligence to Healthcare with IBM's Watson

Haig Alexander Peter is a Cognitive Computing Ambassador at IBM Research in Rueschlikon, a prodigious laboratory that has produced four Nobel laureates so far. As an ambassador at IBM, Haig meets with hundreds of clients annually to help them understand how cognitive computing systems can learn and interact naturally with people to extend what either humans or machine could do on their own, particularly when it comes to making better decisions by penetrating the complexity of big data.

Haig is a sought-after international keynote speaker on the topic cognitive computing and Watson in healthcare, specifically oncology, and on how such high-impact disruptive technologies can lead to game-changing products and services. 

At Lift Basel 2015, Haig will discuss the goals, methods and consequences of artifical intelligence in healthcare and what the introduction of such technology means for doctors, patients, and the crucial relationship between these two.