Cécile Monteil

Robert Debré Hospital Emergency Room, Ad Scientiam & Eppocrate
Cécile Monteil
Emergency Room Pediatrician and Startup Entrepreneur

Cécile Monteil is an entrepreneur and physician, who advocates for the beneficial use of new technologies applied to health and medicine while keeping the patient and doctor relationship at heart.

Cécile is a physician working in a pediatric emergency room department in Paris, as well as Medical Director for Ad Scientiam, a start-up using apps and connected objects to improve the monitoring of patients in clinical trials and medical practice. At the beginning of 2015, she founded Eppocrate, an NGO devoted to bridging the gap between the French physician community and the digital healthcare ecosystem. As an ambassador for the Thousand Network in Paris, a global community of 1000+ entrepreneurs, she facilitates knowledge and experience sharing among people.

At Lift Basel 2015, Cécile will discuss the ongoing shifts in the doctor-patient relationship and how technology in the hands of patients affects the trust and power in these intimate relations.