Paul Willis

Director, Drug Discovery, Medicines for Malaria Venture
Advancing antimalarial drug research through open source initiatives

With over hundreds of millions of cases resulting in over hundreds of thousands of deaths each year, the struggle against malaria needs fundamentally new approaches. At MMV, the Medicines for Malaria Venture, Paul Willis is overseeing drug discovery projects that involve partners in both industry and academia. As a fierce advocate of Open Science, he has participated to the creation of freely accessible tools such as the Malaria Box, a treasure trove of 400 molecules with antimalarial activity. This initiative mails the compounds for free to scientists around the world, a move that helped boost research and development and inspired a second project for neglected tropical diseases. In 2015, MMV and its partners are launching a "Pathogen Box" to address an even broader range of neglected tropical diseases, such as tuberculosis.

At Lift Basel 2015, Paul will share the stage with Marion Colombani to discuss how malaria research and the latest Silicon Valley trends are deeply connected indeed.