TeeKay (Thorsten Kreissig)

Creativity Coach, Enabler, Innovator, Networker, Performance Artist

A regular at Lift since 2013 TeeKay has been blending his agility, curiosity and passion for innovation into a nomadic lifestyle carrying him around the globe. A constant explorer he is creating and sharing unique (learning) experiences.

His multiple careers in the performing arts as singer and comedian, choreographer and opera director compliment his studies of psychology at the Technical University in Berlin. TeeKay facilitates and trains communication and innovation skills of scientist, businessmen, students and teachers. Among his clients are the IPK Fraunhofer Institute in Berlin, Leuphana University, the Spanish Ministery of Education, Common Purpose Germany and Surya University Indonesia

He is a fairly regular blogger who promotes meetings in REAL life. An active member of the international High-IQ society Mensa and a TED-translator he initiated Refugee Repertoire, an efficient and fun theatrical language teaching project for refugees, in 2015.