Pierre Spring

Web App Developer, Nelmio

I am a mix of geek, punk, web developer, extrovert and a dogone happy dad … And some more ;)
Sometimes I am shy, but that's quite rare.

I like people. The stranger, the better. The smarter, the better. Interesting people. I love a good conversation.

I love to provoke. I like how people react. I like people. But I already said that …

I have way too many ideas and plans. And too little time.

I live in Zürich, Switzerland where I work as a Software Developer at Nelmio, a company I confounded. With my team we develop modern web applications using the agile software development methodology called Scrum.

I believe that Scrum gives you the best tool set in order to succeed in software development. I believe in Open Source Software. But I use a Mac.

And I am one of the initiators of the JSZürich, a monthly meeting in Zürich which gather most of the JavaScript professionals and/or geeks you find in our city. Usually someone makes a presentation about anything related to the latest and greatest technologies in the browsers and then we have all have a drink and socialize …

techup: Together with my buddy Jordy we created techup.ch, a self-organized calendar of swiss tech meetups.

Talk to me, if you wanna know more …