Oscar Jasklowski

Core Team Member, Experiment.com
Crowdfunding the next Wave of Scientific Research

As recently as three years ago, Oscar, who represents Experiment at Lift Basel, was making bone glue. You read that correctly - as a graduate student in the bioadhesives lab at the University of Utah, he was studying how and why things stick. He took a break from his studies for the opportunity to work at Experiment, a crowdfunding platform dedicated to showcasing and funding science research. While he’s on indefinite (but not permanent!) hiatus from the lab, his focus is on co-leading Experiment’s growth.

Because as a society, we are in a position to study, learn, and innovate more than ever before. Yet there is one major bottleneck: funding. Experiment, an open and democratic platform for funding science, is on a mission to change just that. Researchers from over 150 institutions and universities are using the San Francisco startup to fund important seed-stage research that would otherwise go unfunded.