Nishil Thomas Koshy

Attempting to crowdsource a sustainable & scalable environmental health network in India
CEO at Kfx Circuits & Systems, Architect of Project EH-SAAS

Nishil is one of the founders and the current CEO at Kfx circuits & systems pvt ltd, an embedded communication systems company based in Bangalore.

He is also the architect of project EH-SAAS (Environment Health Sense As A Service ), which is attempting to build a nationwide environment health network in India by using crowdsourcing to create a sustainable & scalable sensor network. With support from the Prakruthi Foundation, an organization committed to protecting the environment for future generations, project EH-SAAS aims to deploy at least 50 plug and play sensors in every major city in India, starting from Bangalore in December 2015.

The plug and play sensors designed for this project allow anybody with a Wifi network to join the EH-SAAS network and go live in 15 minutes. The data gathered will be available for public viewing. Project EH-SAAS aims to empower citizens by offering an easy way to monitor their environment and eventually bring about environmental change by creating greater data driven awareness. Nishil has worked in several startups and MNCs, the last being Intel and at locations in India, United States and Japan. He holds a bachelors degree in Electronics and communication from IIT Kharagpur.