Narkis Alon

Serial social entrepreneur from Tel Aviv, Co-Founder of Elevation.

Narkis Alon from Tel Aviv, born 1987, is the Co-Founder of Elevation, an eco-system incubating people on their career path via technology and entrepreneurship education programs, integrating its students into the high-speed startup economy along the way. She stands for a future of work that is tough but fulfilling, coming from a place where billion-dollar startups coexist with persistent existential threats, where supersonic lifestyle takes place right next to age-old traditions, where people look for deeper meaning and high-tech solutions right next to each other.

After a stint in the corporate world and in Israel's military, Narkis founded ZeZe in 2011, a social enterprise in which young people volunteer for projects pursuant to their natural passions, each empowering a community in need in a financially sustainable way.

A member of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers network and of Sandbox she spoke at WEF and at TEDx, writes for Huffington Post - and is having her final university exams for her double-major BA in psychology and film right after Lift14.