Mona Boyé

Business Development Manager, Alsace BioValley
Accelerating innovation between France, Switzerland and Germany

Mona Boyé received her PhD in Molecular Biology from Cardiff University, UK, worked for several years in a Technology Transfer Office in Bordeaux, France, before she joined the industrial cluster Alsace BioValley in 2009. There she is actively building what many see as Europe’s future, a “Europe of regions” that is less defined by national borders but more by economic and cultural clusters — just like the Alsace, located at the crossroads of France, Germany and Switzerland. In this trinational BioValley you’ll find most of the most important pharma and medtech leaders within a 200 km radius — and as an expert in biochemistry and cellular biology as well as a business development professional, Mona Boyé brings them together in concrete border-crossing projects. At Lift Basel 2015, Mona Boyé is serving as a member of the advisory board and takes an active role in the panel “Moving Fast in Old Europe”, discussing what works in transnational European projects — and what does not.