Lulu Li - China

Artist / Designer, Partner of Moujiti, Co-Founder of Interactive Beijing

Artist Lulu Li graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design with an MA Fine Art. She is a cross-displinary designer and artist. Her practice spans across various fields, from graphic design, motion graphics, interactive experience to art performances and sculptures.

She founded the design studio Didelidi in 2009 and is now the creative director and partner of Moujiti – an interactive experience design agency. She is the co-founder of Interactive Beijing, an innovation platform that runs series of programmes aimed at fostering new talents and incubating innovative ideas that could bring positive changes to society. In 2013, she led an IB team that took on the most urgent crisis - with air pollution as core focus, and directed a series of campaigns that led to the realisation of the pilot project: "Eco Air bubble". This project uses hacked and upgraded community gym devices which use human powered electricity to power up the air purification system, with real time data visualiazation on indoor and outdoor displays, demonstrating through public engaging "new collectivism" that a positive social change is possible.

Her other projects include: "hybrid 798" re-planning project, Forbidden City Digital Museum, Forbidden City Porcelain Pavilion APP, Audi China in-car infortaiment system R&D etc.

In 2006, she created the design project which has gained her popular media praises named “Lightning Babe”. It is a graphic series which is about re-establishing a positive female image in China against what has been promoted in mainstream media. In 2013, her 17-meter long light installation “where r u...” (the emo project series ) was chosen by K11 Shanghai to become a permanent installation on K11 Shanghai building facade.

Her work was published by 3030 press, and featured in 360 magazines such as Stash,, MTV, Design Taxi, Detail, Times Asia, Casa da Abitare, novum, Compass, Archidaily, Art Bank etc. She received awards such as: 1st place "My Space" TOCAME 2005, Malaysian Animation Awards 2005, MTV onedotzero Bloom New Directors 2008, GAM Gilbert de Botton Fne Arts prize 2011.

See more of Lulu's work on her personal website.


李心路毕业于英国切尔西艺术与设计学院,并取得美术硕士学位,作为一名跨界设计师,她主要致力于视觉设计、交互体验、跨界艺术等领域。 作为Didelidi设计工作室的创始人,现在同时出任互动体验机构——某集体的合伙人及创意总监,她作为交互北京的创始人之一,旨在研究社会创新理念,并玩挖掘新型创新人才,以期带来积极的社会变革方案。她目前从事的项目包括:故宫数字博物馆、奥迪中国车载信息系统研发,798未来规划等。 她的作品已由3030出版社出版,并刊登在360杂志、Stash、shiftjp、Design Taxi、Detail、Casa Abitare、艺术银行等多家媒体上,她获得的奖有:MTV Bloom、GAM Gilbert De Botton Art Prize 2011等。


The Lightning Babes

Banner Lightning Babe

"The Lighting Babes concept emerged from my childhood memories of the Chinese female gymnasts during the 1950’s to 1970’s. These heroic gymnasts were spiritual models for many Chinese girls. Through their grace and positive energy, they endured hardship, showed great strength and courage, and overcame formidable challenges. Since then, China has gone through a rapid modernization and the models for young girls today has morphed. The emphasis is on fashion models, mass consumerism and alluring female portrayals in mass media. To affront this, Lighting Babes is a march against pervasive consumerism culture and conditioning."


Lulu's Manifesto

“I work with any given parameter of any given situation. I take advantage of these opportunities by adding on, taking out, giving a nudge or touch, swapping, disconnecting, pairing, or comparing, in order to bring out the potential of the scenarios, materials, or the relationship between them, or their relationship with us. Being economic both on materials and methodology is one of my basic principles. I work with everyday items (sometimes works discarded by other artists), or litter in general, and apply the least possible effort and least resistance, in a rather minimal form. These ‘touches’ work as a catalyst to trigger, intervene or evoke a series of reactions, chain reactions or to change the readings of everyday life.”