Liu Chunlei - 刘春蕾 - China

Founder of Shanghai Minhang Qingyue Environmental Protection Information Technology Service Center

Liu first created a startup in 2012, named “IT Engineer Environment Protection Association”. In August 2012, he released Danger Map, helping people discover danger sources around them. One year later, he went on to produce EPMap, to provide free map services for other environment protection NGOs, which is now used by dozens of NGOs.

In May 2014, Liu released AQI history DB and Water quality history DB, allowing anybody to download open raw data to further their work. More than a million pieces of data of air quality and water quality are therefore provided in open-access, and already being used by many NGOs, such as Nature University, Beijing REEI, WuHan Green Jiangnan; and technology orgnizations such as FuDan University, XinJiang Shihezi University, Sichuan Agricultural University.

One month later, he was Invited by Google to IO 2014 SolveForX forum, where he introduced his job and participated in discussions on China's policies regarding environmental protection situation with co-panelists from all over the world. In October 2014, Liu decided to focus on digging, collecting, analyzing, reorgnizing, and opening more environment data, including realtime measures of pollution sources, drinking water quality, ground water quality, air quality, dangerous waste plants, incinerator plants and so on, to protect the right to know the environment and take actions to change it.

上海闵行区青悦环保信息技术服务中心 创始人

自2012年起,以“IT工程师环保公益协会”的名义开展工作 2012年8月发布危险地图(,为公众提供周边危险源查询。 2013年5月发布青青地图(,为中国环境保护NGO提供地图服务,已服务数十家中国环保NGO。 2014年5月发布空气质量历史数据库(,水质历史数据库(,免费对外开放. 已有开放数据过百万条。 为自然大学,北京磐石,武汉绿江南等环境保护NGO和复旦大学,新疆石河子大学,四川农业大学等科研机构提供了数据支持。 2014年6月,应邀在谷歌开发者大会2014 SolveForX论坛上介绍了我们的工作并与来自全世界各地的学者讨论中国的环境保护问题。 2014年10月 进行更多的环境领域数据收集,整理,公开的工作,包括污染源实时排放,饮用水,地表水水质,空气质量,危险废物处理厂,垃圾焚烧厂等,促进公众对环境的知情权与参与权。 2015年1月 应美国国务院邀请,赴美进行了为期3周的访问,考察了美国应对气候变化的情况。 2015年2月 危险地升级为app,以更便捷的方式为公众提供环境知情权及监督权的服务。