Gustav Borgefalk

EdTech Entrepreneur and Global Competition Specialist

Mr. Gustav Borgefalk is a Swedish EdTech entrepreneur and global competition specialist, currently building future-proof tools for talent attraction. Mr. Borgefalk is co-founder of Sqore and, the World's largest community for students who competes. He advises corporate, university and government clients across the world on talent attraction strategies and is on a mission to create linkages between talents and opportunities on grand scale. Mr. Borgefalk has a MSc. In Business Administration and Entrepreneurship from the Stockholm School of Economics and is a graduate from Singularity University in Silicon Valley, working with the world's brightest minds with solving humanity's greatest challenges using tomorrow's technologies. Mr.Borgefalk has been recognized as one of the top 20 Innovators of the World by Intel, named Leader of Tomorrow by St. Gallen Symposium and been named top 20 Super Talents by Sweden's largest business weekly magazine. Recently, he starred in the Swedish TV-show "Genikampen" (The Battle of the Geniuses), popularizing science and technology among youth.