Geoffrey Dorne

Coming from France
CEO, Geoffrey Dorne SAS


Geoffrey Dorne studied digital & graphic design and graduated from Ensad in 2009. He is a design thinker and founded his own independant Design company. Geoffrey is working on digital and printed projects for the Mozilla Foundation, the Wikimedia Foundation, Samsung, Orange Vallée, the “Commissariat à l’Énergie Atomique”, as well as on cultural projects for  “la Fonderie” (the Île-de-France digital agency) and Diateino editions. Geoffrey is particularly interested in concepts, metaphors and user experience.

Since 2010, Geoffrey has also been a design researcher at EnsadLab Paris and worked on a research project called Neen focusing on emotions and phatic, non-verbal and gestural communication.

He also lectures and give workshops in various design schools in France. In addition, Geoffrey blogs at, and

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