Francesca Valsecchi

Researcher and Practitioner in the disciplines of Interaction and Communication Design

Francesca is an Italian researcher and practitioner in the disciplines of Interaction and Communication Design. She accomplished her studies at Milan Polytechnic, and moved to Asia looking for a trans-cultural lifestyle. Since 2010 she is based in Shanghai, involved in academic and professional researches on the topic of Urban Agriculture, Rural-Urban Innovation and Design for the Public Sector.

Francesca's researches and design process are based on extended ethnographic approach and deep field research explorations. In particular, current researches are affiliated with the international DESIS Network (Design for Sustainability and Social Innovation), where she is an active supporter and coordinator of the Rural-Urban and Digital Social Innovation thematic Clusters.

She is currently consolidating her research experience by cooperating with several universities in China, continuing to push for more space in Communication Design within the social and cultural context of developing China.