Claudio Colucci

High-Flying Designer, founder of Claudio Colucci Design Agency in Tokyo and a studio in Paris

Claudio Colucci’s style is a mix of playfulness, humor, colors and sensuality. What distinguishes him are the various stories that led to the projects he launched. This, is a secret of his style. Since more than 15 years, Claudio Colucci manages to combine the worlds of design, fashion, gastronomy, luxury brands and big industrial groups.

Claudio Colucci’s physical postings between Japan - Tokyo, and Europe - Paris - Geneva, and China - Shanghai and Beijing - allow him to have a broad inspiration base as well as a global view over trends and acting locally. 

He nourishes a sensitive universe were childhood spirit is constantly present. If there is one thing less known about him is that he designs everything without prescribing anything. He consistently follows a specific fabrication process insuring quality. Claudio seeks originality, creativity & signature which allow us to be in touch with his contemporary artisanal capabilities.

Claudio Colucci Design has a tailor made approach focusing on clients’ needs for diversification and innovation as well as the constant research of qualitative contemporary design.

Spectrum by Claudio Colucci

Diverse art pieces by Claudio Colucci