Antoine Verdon

CEO, Sandbox

Antoine is the CEO of Sandbox.

Sandbox is a trusted global network, a meeting place for high profile individuals under 30, which consists of a yearly conference and of a social network. At every top university on the planet, there are a couple of people that seem to be successful, at everything at the same time. They are involved in student politics and are organising the biggest parties on the campus. They are programming a website and write articles in a local newspaper. If you look at their background, you can see that their creative energy was already there as they were at high school. And if you think of the future, it is the same kind of people that still are the most active with 40, and who have the potential to become influential leaders in their respective industries.

These extraordinary people have grown up in a fast changing environment and they see themselves as citizens of the world. They are very mobile and love to discover new cultures, may it be for holidays or in a business context. But they are still young and although they are extremely well connected on a local level, they are missing a broad international network. Sandbox gives to selected top-talents the possibility to meet same-minded people from all around the world, lets them exchange ideas and experiences with their peers, and help them create exciting new projects on a global scale.