Nov 27, 2017
Urban Entrepreneurship for Desirable Futures

Lift:Lab in Seoul

We were delighted to be back in the lovely city of Seoul for another ideation workshop after last year’s Urban Entrepreneurs workshop! Thanks to the impulsion of Jean-Henry Morin, Lifter since 2006, we had the pleasure to partner once again with Asiance, G3 Partners, the University of Geneva, Yonsei UniversityThink Services and The Science & Technology office in Seoul to run the event.

A huge thank you to the 50+ participants from Korea, Switzerland and France who joined the Lift:Lab in Seoul! We really enjoyed welcoming all of them and to get 9 teams working together to co-create desirable urban futures.

Here is a summary of the project ideas that were generated at the Lift:Lab in Seoul:

  • We Move: A unified mobile service platform and app for all transportation services from renting vehicles to public transport. "Have everything without owning anything".
  • Non Stopable Bus: A modular bus system where small bus units flow in and out of a bus systems that never stops.
  • Electronoise / SAMUEL: Sound Alteration Mechanic Utilisation for Electricity A device that converts sounds into energy by gathering urban noise (cars, planes and ambient noise).
  • GCP INC: A waste food grinder and compactor in decomposable waste bags that don't smell. Resulting bags are used to produce heat, gas and fertiliser for sale.
  • SitGears: A multifunctional car that can be used as a taxi or to collect trash and clean roads when there are no passengers.
  • Flow: A mobile app for public transport users to help them choose the optimal subway / bus according to realtime flow of passengers in the public transport system. The data gathered are analysed in realtime by AI algorithms to provide the user with different options.
  • Smart Flow: An interactive sensor, filter and app to measure water quality, quantity, data and provide feedback information to consumers.
  • Second Chance: A service / app allowing citizens to deliver / buy food that would otherwise be wasted. Citizens could buy the food for themselves or deliver it to institutions in exchange for rewards.
  • K-Box: An affordable kitchen rental by the hour. Cooking lessons and health tips.

Workshop Organizers & Experts

This year again, we had the chance to join forces with our pool of experts who played a great role in advising and facilitating the teams’ work during the ideation workshop.

Nathan Millard (CEO, G3 Partners) was back at the Lift:Lab in Seoul to give an inspiring talk about startup innovation. Before ending the day, the teams pitched their ideas on stage and received valuable feedbacks from the experts to help them fine tune their projects before final submission. Alessandra Apicella, Head of the Science and Technology Office at the Embassy of Switzerland in Seoul, concluded with a speech about the relationship between our two countries. The participants were then invited to relax and to enjoy a well deserved cocktail with lots of Swiss delights!

Following this ideation workshop, the teams have two weeks to further develop their proposals and to submit their projects in English. Our jury panel of experts will then select the best project and invite the team to join one of our events in 2018.

More informations available abotu Lift:Lab here!


In pictures:

Lab Connect Seoul 2017