Nov 29, 2016


Following the first ideation Urban entrepreneurs workshops serie in Seoul, we kicked off the Swiss Urban Entrepreneurs roadshow in Lausanne on November 19, 2016 at Hackuarium, a bio hackerspace located at Univercité.

With a focus on the future of food, the event brought together over 20 participants from various background who explored many aspects of the food system. Discussions and ideas were developped around minimising wastage, smart packaging, efficient distribution, food safety, healthy food habits and food awarness programs for children and their parents, and sustainable food supply chain. 

Gianpaolo Rando shared his entrepreneurial experience and presented his project SwissDeCode: his startup has developped a DNAfoil testing kit that allow consumers and producers to build on-site food authentication. 

Teams worked in groups on various project ideas and will have the opportunity to develop them in the coming weeks and submit them on the platform. Some of the ideas included: 

  • Using drones as guards to protect the agriculture from insects
  • Smart Packaging with a sensor as an alternative to expiry dates
  • A reusable coffee sealed bag to keep your beans fresh and flavoured
  • An insect farm in a shipping container
  • Local production of endangered varieties of food

We concluded the day with a pitch from all the teams where they had the opportunity to receive some feedback from our experts before concluding with a well deserved afterwork cocktail in the company of the great folks at Hackuarium.

Thanks a lot to our great partners at Hackuarium, Univercité, Nativs and especially to Luc Henry, Yann Pierson and Gianpaolo Rando for their warm welcome and support!

Stay tuned for other recaps about the other great Urban Entrepreneurs workshops!

Want to see more from Lausanne? Check out the other photos here!

About Urban Entrepreneurs

Urban Entrepreneurs is designed to create an urban transversal vision through a series of events bringing together entrepreneurs, designers, developers, academics and corporates to explore new solutions to address these urban challenges. The mission is to foster new ideas in order to co-create, prototype and produce solutions for a better urban future.

Urban Entrepreneurs focuses on three major themes

  • Mobility & Transportation
  • Energy & Environment
  • Food & Agriculture

Ideation workshops are hosted in key cities in Asia (Bangalore, New Delhi, Seoul, Shanghai) and Switzerland to support the emergence of new ideas. A jury panel will select the most impactful and viable ideas, and invite the teams to fly to Geneva to take their idea to the next level at the Lift:Lab 2017.

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